In the heart of Taormina, overlooking the Duomo,

a restaurant that tells the story of Sicilian cuisine, reworked today by the creativity of young chef Gianluca Lizzio. For a tasteful experience to live immersed in the beauty of a unique landscape in the world.

The kitchen as a laboratory,

To tell the Sicilian culinary tradition in his encounter with experimentation.
Research on the raw materials of the territory joins the most celebrated Slow Food headquarters, merging into an unmistakable, ancient and innovative identity at the same time.


It was during the Nineties , when Enrico Briguglio , creator of the “Soste di Ulisse”, wanted to open a typical Sicilian trattoria just in front of Taormina’s cathedral.



Two diffrent enviorments, two different dimensions in which enjoy the pleasures of taste in a sober , elegant, modern and evocative Sicilian ambience.



Harmony between tradition and experiment is the key to this restaurant. The unusual combination of Chef Giuseppe Cannizzaro’s...


Raw materials

The uniqueness of Al Duomo’s cuisine strarts from solid foundations : a deep knowledge and an absolute attention for raw materials...


News and surroundings

10 July 2017

Al Duomo starts again with a new cuisine: colours, elegance and sperimenting the Sicilian gastronomic identity

Vanessa Cannizzaro , daughter of the well known chef of La Giara engaged a new gastronomic adventure transforming the historical and typical trattoria Al duomo into a restaurant capable of telling the gastro-win identity...
10 July 2017

The four chefs with “la coppola”: tradition and innovation for a straodinary gastronomic journey

The 12 th July, Al Duomo opens it’s doors to a new way of living their kitchen: the chef with “la coppola” (the traditional Sicilian hat), a team of Sicilian chefs young but already expert and nationally and internationally...