Raw materials

Raw materials

The uniqueness of Al Duomo’s cuisine strarts from solid foundations: a deep knowledge and an absolute attention for raw materials, selected thanks to a journey through a great and passionate research.

Starting from ancient type of Sicilian corns such as Timilia, Perciasacchi, Russello e Maiorca that distinguish and make our doughs and mixtures precious , to the sweet and herbaceous taste od the broad beans from Leonforte; from the lamb of the Nebrodi mountains to the red prawns from Mazzara and ending to the most famous Slow Food Presidia such as : the pistachio from Bronte, the caper from Salina , the famous Piacentino cheese from Enna or the onions from Giarratana..

The skill to deal with the raw materials by mixing them in the best way to exalt their flavours reinventing their placing in the common imaginary : for example the trio of mayonnaises matched to the” Sicilian Fry” there is the citrus flavoured mayonnaise, the anchovie one and the tomato one; or thevery slight flavour of lemon zest flavoure that and balances exalts the flavour of the red prawn risotto.

Each ingredient is chosen according to it’s provenance and the skill of each to evoke sensations in a game of putting the pieces of a puzzle together.

A game well played by the wisdom of Chef Giuseppe Cannizzaro and the experimenting of Chef Gianluca Lizzio, an ideal combination that blends into a unique identity , old and innovative at the same time.

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